Between canceled vacation plans to postpone events to practicing safe social distancing, it’s hard to see the light under this pandemic tunnel. As a result, people are less motivated, and morale is low. One way to get everyone rallied up and celebrate someone special is to make their quarantine birthday one they’ll never forget.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate a quarantine birthday.

Surprise Virtual Birthday Party

Throw a surprise virtual birthday party in their honor and invite all their loved ones. Make sure you have an online platform to host the party on like Zoom or Google Meet. Make it fun and engaging with a themed surprise party, check out 42 Engaging Themes for Meetings, Socials and Parties, and Other Virtual Events. Create a simple schedule for how the surprise party will run and make sure everyone introduces themselves and how they know the birthday person. You can organize a slideshow and ask everyone to send pictures in or have people share out a few stories to keep the partying going.

Bake and Deliver

You can purchase a cake from any bakery or take the time and bake a cake at home. Make sure to designate one person to drop it off and attach a special message from the team or group. Anything homemade is thoughtful and made with love!


Send a personalized birthday message from their favorite celebrity with Cameo. You can choose from several actors, reality TV stars, athletes, musicians, comedians, influencers, gamers, and more! Gather a few friends together to pay for the message and surprise your friend or love one with a celebrity birthday shoutout. Cameo also just introduced Cameo Live, where you book a live call on Zoom with a celebrity!

Birthday Gift From the Group

Organize a birthday gift from the group by selecting one or more items to gift and collect contributions from everyone. Make sure you have the address of that person or designate one person to drop it off. The best gifts can be thoughtful and straightforward. As an example, if you know the birthday person loves cocktails, purchase a cocktail set where they have all the tools to make fancy cocktails from home.

Create a Birthday Video

Organize a birthday video with their friends, family, team members, etc. Ask for video clips ahead of time with personalized birthday shoutouts and have one person who is skilled with video creation edit the video. When it comes time to share, make sure someone records their reaction to the video, it’s priceless!