Lucinda General | Rotary Coordinator | Email

Lucinda General is the Zone 26 Rotary Coordinator, 2019-22. Since becoming a Rotarian in 1990 in the Rotary Club of Hartford, continuing in the Rotary Club of Rohrmoser Costa Rica and into her current Rotary Club of Mesa West, AZ, Lucinda continually takes action and engages in service. She has held many club offices, served multiple terms as District conference chair, Group Study Exchange chair, and Arizona Tri-District PETS chair. Lucinda enjoys using her acquired experience from four zones, three districts, and business to support Rotary.

In accepting the Rotary Coordinator role in Zone 26-27, Lucinda is honored to welcome the Rotarians who are undergoing zone realignment. Together with the talented RC team, she is enthusiastic about the opportunity to incorporate everyone’s talent and energy into Zone 26-27. Together we will Grow Rotary.

Lucinda enjoys focusing on the Avenue of Club Service having served as a delegate to the 2010 and 2016 Councils on Legislation, Zone 25-26 treasurer, chair of the Multi-District PETS Alliance, co-chair in the District 5490-5510 merger, and as a representative for three Rotary presidents

Lucinda is the owner of owned Simplified Expansions, a small business bookkeeping and management company since 1999. Wayne, a neuropsychologist, is also a member of the Rotary Club of Mesa West. They are Major Donors, Bequest Society, and Paul Harris Society members. When there is time for leisure, Wayne is shooting photos, Lucinda is scuba diving, or they are hosting a dinner party. They reside in Phoenix, with Bella the world’s softest Cocker Spaniel.

Districts: 5000, 5170, 5220, 5230, 5240, 5280, 5300, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5495, 5500 and 5730

Areas of Expertise: Organizational change management, facilitation, budgeting, application of bylaws, policies, and procedures, and event management.

Terri Amerio-Bell | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Terri Amerio-Bell grew up in an Air Force family, spending her childhood in Spain and throughout the USA. She earned degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology; Organizational Communication and Personal Financial Planning.

Terri was among the first Community Service Officers (CSO) trained by Modesto Police Dept. She joined her father’s tax and business consulting practice in Hawaii, then opened her practice on the mainland. She taught courses at business college, and seminars and workshops on tax topics, estate planning, profit development, and business management. Terri is a member of International Who’s Who.

In 1987 Terri became the first female member of RC Modesto and their first female President, initiating fundraisers and youth activities that continue today. She enjoyed producing club and district newsletters and was instrumental in establishing the Modesto Sunrise Foundation. Terri and family members traveled to Mexico with several Rotary projects.

Terri served as District 5220 Governor 2014-2015 and Vice-Governor 2018-2019. Her passion to bring out the best in others and develop leaders is fueled through years of service as Group Study Exchange Chair (and Team Leader!), District Trainer, RYLA counselor, Far West PETS, and Zone 25/26 GETS/GNATS faculty. Terri is Assistant Regional Coordinator working to strengthen clubs by engaging their members.

While working as a CSO Terri fell in love with retired CHP officer Howard. She says, “You’ve got to love a guy who turns you into a bride and grandma in one ceremony!” They are Major Donors to TRF and members of the Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship.

Districts: 5170, 5220 and 5230

Areas of expertise: Experienced District Trainer. Getting the best from volunteers. Training the Trainers and workshop development. Event, strategic and fiscal planning

Mitty Chang | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Mitty Chang has been working in the Website Development and Digital Marketing industry for over 10 years. He is the Managing Partner of Candeavor, a web development and digital marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area that works with businesses to design and develop their websites and to get their websites found online.

Mitty has been involved with the Rotary family for half of his life, having joined at the age of 15 as an Interactor, and then going on to charter two Rotaract Clubs. With over a decade of Rotaract experience, Mitty has served in virtually every Rotaract office possible and is one of the Founders of Big West Rotaract MDIO. Mitty is currently a Rotarian & Rotaractor dual member with membership to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley and the Rotaract Club of Greater Fremont. He is a past president of both clubs and is a Past Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 26. Mitty now serves as an Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 25, Trustee of the Big West Rotaract MDIO, and Chair of the Rotary International Rotaract and Interact Committee.

An accomplished professional speaker, Mitty has spoken to Rotarians around the world at District Conferences, International Conventions, International Assembly, Zone Institutes, and everywhere in-between on membership best practices and on how to attract young professionals into Rotary.

Beyond Rotaract and Rotary, Mitty is passionate about traveling and food. He’s traveled to over 10 Rotary International Conventions, over 30 countries, and to 6 continents.

Districts: 5000, 5240, 5280, 5320 and 5340

Areas of Expertise: Rotaract/Rotary relations, young professionals in Rotary, forming Rotaract clubs, and alternative clubs including e-clubs.

Joe Hentges | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Born and raised in Minnesota, Joe spent 20 years in Illinois before moving to Arizona in 2010.  A Rotarian for 35 years, he is currently a member of the Marana-Dove Mountain Rotary Club, AZ.

A professional musician and teacher for many years, Joe was also a high school administrator and Superintendent of Schools.  Joe earned his Ph. D. in Educational Administration at The Ohio State University.   Following retirement, he taught graduate classes for Northern Illinois University and Webster University.

Joe has been a speaker at numerous conferences and institutes, including the American Association of School Administrators.  Awards include the Executive Educator 100 (outstanding school executives in North America), Distinguished Leadership Award, and AASA Research Award.  He has authored or co-authored two professional books and several articles.

Active in community affairs, Joe served on numerous Boards including MHC Healthcare, Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, Special Education District of McHenry County, and the Woodstock Economic Development Corporation.

Joe and Brigitte have been married for 53 years, have two children (boys) and four grandchildren.  Their favorite pastimes are traveling, Rotary and spoiling grandchildren.

Joe served as District 5500 Governor, 2017-2018.  He also served as Assistant Governor, District Membership Chair, and was club president three times: Woodstock, Il, 1995-1996; and Marana-Dove Mountain, AZ, 2011-2013.  Currently, Joe is an Assistant Regional Coordinator for Zone 26 and Vice-Governor in District 5500.  Joe and Brigitte are Rotary Major Donors, Paul Harris Fellows, and Bequest Society members.  Joe is also a member of the Paul Harris Society.

Districts: 5000, 5330, 5495 and 5500

Areas of expertise: Membership — recruitment, engagement, retention, forming new clubs. Strategic Planning — visioning, annual reviews. Affecting positive change in clubs and districts; Creating vibrant clubs

Sandra Witt | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Sandra Witt joined Dumas Rotary Club in May 2007. She was soon involved in club projects with a focus in planning and promoting events. And is still the event chair for her club. In January 2009, she and her family hosted an exchange student that led to her involvement with District leadership. After attending a District Conference, she and another member got involved with Crutches for Africa and other international projects.

She served as club president 2009-2010 and as assistant governor from 2015- 2019. During her time as AG, she focused on getting clubs involved on the district level, attending training, and growing membership. As a result of that work was named outstanding Rotarian in the District. Her AG assignment and zone leadership attendance led to the DMC role from 2016-2019.

Sandra has also had the great privilege of serving as a Ranger for the Lone Star PETS for 9 years. Through this service, she has gained many valuable friendships across Texas, Oklahoma, and RI Leadership. She has also helped with numerous membership training for District 5730 and AG training for PETS.

Sandra has been a regular donor to the foundation and is a Paul Harris Society member.

Districts: 5450, 5470 and 5730

Areas of Expertise: Her ability to enthusiastically get people involved and excited to join the important work of Rotary. She is readily available to get clubs the help and recourses they need.

Steve Lingenbrink | Rotary Coordinator | Email 

Steve Lingenbrink served as Rotary International District Governor (D5030) 2012-13, President of the Bellevue Breakfast Club 2005, Assistant District Governor 2006-08 and Executive District Governor 2008-09. More recently Steve served as Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 25 in 2013-15, Zone 25/26 Membership Chair in 2015-17, District 5030 Council on Legislation Representative for both COL16 and COL19. Currently, Steve is the Zone 27 Rotary Coordinator. Steve serves on the faculty of GNATS/GETS, Rotary Institute, PNW-PETS, Far-West PETS, Southwest PETS, and was a Training Leader at International Assembly in 2017 and 2018. He was chosen as the Rotary International President’s Representative in both 2018 and 2019.

Steve is frequently featured as a presenter/speaker in Zones 25 & 26. He and his wife Terri, along with their grown children Sarah-Grace and Shine, have led and served on many international projects all over the world, including a NID in Ethiopia, water projects in Kenya and Guatemala, Computers for the World in Antigua-Barbuda and medical dental clinics in Romania and Russia.

Steve is an attorney with over 40 years of experience.  His wife Terri works as the Director of Operations for the firm. ( Steve and Terri love to travel, collect wine, and ride on their Harley Davidson. Terri was a member of the Seattle 4 Rotary Club, enjoyed serving as the Education Chair for Zone 25/26 Partners Program 2015-18, and served as a Partner Leaders Coach for International Assembly 2017 and 2018. Steve and Terri are Major Donors, Bequest and Paul Harris Society Members.

Districts: 5020, 5030, 5080, 5100, 5110, 5130, 5150, 5160, 5180 and 5190

Areas of expertise: District and multi-district large format membership development presentations, new club formation assistance, Rotary-Rotaract relations and Essential Elements presentations/education.

Marie Baker | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Marie grew up in California and moved to Idaho 14 years ago. She has been a member of the Nampa Rotary Club for over ten years, serving as President in 2015-2016. She has served as District 5400 Membership Chair for years 2016-2019. Currently, she serves her club as a grant chair and the district as New Generations Chair and Visioning Coordinator.

Professionally, Marie is a business consultant with the Idaho Small Business Development Center at Boise State University. She has a degree in Business Administration from CSU Fresno and a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco.

When she is not working or serving with Rotary, you will find Marie out hiking or kayaking in the great outdoors.

Districts: 5190, 5440 and 5300

Areas of expertise: Visioning and strategic planning, membership development,
starting satellite clubs, starting new clubs and club vibrancy

Diane Cordero de Noriega | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Diane was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, and spent most of her career as an educator in California, before retiring to Oregon. She joined the Rotary Club of Marina while in the Monterey Bay area and transferred to The Rotary Club of Gresham upon moving to Oregon.

Diane’s career in education dates back to the late sixties, working in California’s first migrant education programs in the Sacramento Valley area. Her career in higher education includes teaching in all segments of higher education: culminating with 25 years in the California State University system. Diane moved into University administration in 1994 serving as Dean of the College of Education. Then in 1999, she moved to Monterey Bay as Provost at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Diane joined Rotary in 2005 at the urging of her husband Carlos. She has been active in her club, serving as a Literacy chair, scholarship committee, fundraising chair, and two terms as President of the Rotary Club of Gresham. She also served the District as Membership Chair for three years prior to being selected as District Governor Designate in 2016. Diane served as District 5100 Governor for the Rotary year 2019-20.

Diane and her late husband Carlos built a beautiful house outside of Sandy, Oregon where she and her grandson River live on five beautiful acres in the woods.

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Membership development, and training. Leadership development. Emerging Young Professionals, Essential Elements Presentation.

Districts: 5020, 5080, 5130

Jennifer Deroin | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Jennifer Deroin is a Rotary Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 27 and is responsible for providing support to District 5400, 5420, and 5390.

Jennifer started her Rotary journey in September of 2007 with the Rotary Club of Nampa, compelled by the interest of community involvement.  She served as Club President in 2013-2014.  Her club was awarded the Presidential Citation that year from Rotary International President Ron Burton, and they were recognized for membership and foundation achievement at the District Conference that year.  In 2017, she founded the College of Idaho Rotaract Club.

In 2018-2019, she served as the Governor for Rotary District 5400, with a focus on Membership Development, Public Image, and Leadership Development.  Her passion is helping clubs focus on club vibrancy, relevancy, and innovation, to ensure the vitality and sustainability of Rotary Clubs throughout our paired Zones.

Professionally, Jennifer is the Chief Operating Officer of The Nichols Accounting Group, located in Idaho and Oregon – a tax and accounting firm.  She is a Certified Behaviors Analyst and focuses on performance management, working with teams to help them improve outcomes through strategic planning and the power of people.

Jennifer is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, a Paul Harris Society Member, and a Bequest Society Member.  Her husband John is also a Paul Harris Fellow and a Rotarian.  They live in Meridian, Idaho where they enjoy their five adult children and their expanding brood of grandbabies.

Districts: 5400, 5420, & 5390

Areas of expertise: Club strategic planning, membership recruitment, and retention, social media targeted audience utilization.

Corey Lopardi | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Corey Lopardi has been working in the Media and Marketing industry for over 20 years. He is the owner of Pardiman Productions a media production company in Olympia, Washington.

He has served as District 5020 Membership Development Chair, Council Chair, Conference Co-Chair, Newsletter Editor, and PNW-PETS Training Leader.

Corey is also an active member of his community and devotes his time to many groups and projects. Beyond Rotary he serves on the board of the non-profit Homeless Backpacks and has also served on the Olympia Lacey Tumwater VCB and Tumwater Chamber boards.

He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Hawks Prairie for over ten years, serving as president in 2013-14. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Harris Society Member. He lives with his wife Michelle in Olympia, Washington.

Districts: 5030, 5100 & 5110

Areas of Expertise: Developing and implementing online training and in-person workshops, New Club formation assistance, Building an Effective Membership Team & Plan, Experienced Training Leader, Rotary Leads, Public Image.

Pam Gray | Assistant Rotary Coordinator | Email

Joining Rotary in 1988 after her Dad became “senior active” and opened up their classification of Funeral Director, Pam has run the family funeral homes and crematory since 1984. Club President in 2007 – 2008, District Governor (D5160) 2014-2015, Zone 25/26GETS/GNATS instruction team and RI Director Nominating Committee in 2015, selected Rotary International President Representative in 2020 and serving as 2020-2021 District Vice Governor, Pam and husband, Brian, share a love of Rotary. During their term as District Governor, Brian served as the First Dude.

Brian was Club President when the Camp Fire destroyed 90% of Paradise in November 2018. Brian served a second consecutive Club term as President in 2019-2020 and in May 2020 received the D5160 Rotarian of the Year Award.

Major Donors, members of the Bequest Society and Paul Harris Society, Pam & Brian have traveled to deliver wheelchairs with the Wheelchair Foundation and enjoyed sharing the experience with youngest daughter, Cori.

Pam, and Brian have four adult daughters (plus several Youth Exchange children), five grands, four cats and a St. Bernard.

Back in Paradise since March 2019, Pam and Brian have devoted much of their time to rebuilding the town and keeping the Rotary Club of Paradise together.

Districts: 5150, 5160 and 5170.

Areas of Expertise: The Family of Rotary, Member Engagement and Retention, Visioning, Facilitation
and Training and loving Rotary Youth Exchange students.

Julie Aubry | Regional Membership Officer | Email

Julie Aubry is the Regional Membership Officer (RMO) on the Membership Development team for the Western United States and part of Canada (Zones 26 & 27). She works with zone, district, and club level volunteers to support membership growth and engagement through strategic planning; vibrant membership initiatives; new club development; and promoting membership resources, tools, and data.

Julie got her start with Rotary in 2012 as a Coordinator for the Club and District Support team. In 2015, she joined the Regional Membership Officer team in its infancy and helped shape the RMO role throughout its 3-year pilot working with volunteers in the Central United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands until July 2018.

Julie earned her Bachelor of Arts from Dominican University and has a background working in theatre. She enjoys traveling, hiking, costume design, and volunteering. She is currently helping to form a new Rotary Club in Evanston, IL.

Districts: All districts in Zones 26 & 27