Zones 25 & 26

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Strategic Initiatives:
Create a program that would pick up where Club Visioning and other Strategic Planning Programs end.

Ensure that the clubs complete written plans that clearly state the actions to be taken, who is responsible, when they will be completed and allow for tracking of the progress being made at certain milestones.

Provide transparent reporting that the club can use to share progress as well as promote the continuity of their plans.

Goal 1:

By April 1, 2014 the Zone 25 & 26 Planning committee will develop and beta test at the club level a model that will allow clubs to develop SMART Goals for each of the club’s defined areas of planning. A written plan will be created that documents the necessary Tasks, with completion dates, under the defined Projects to make the Goal a reality.

Project A: Curriculum Development


1. Establish a Curriculum Development Team-Maureen Merrill
2. Curriculum Committee Collaborates with the Steering Committee
3. Beta Test results are reviewed and subsequently changed as needed
Project B: Organize and Monitor Plans through the Web


1. Complete a SQL data base that allows for the tracking of the Goal its assigned Projects and the Tasks under those projects
2. Develop reporting models as needed by the Clubs, District and Zone to monitor completion of each Task as well as the overall project

Goal 2:

We will complete a “train the trainers” program for the members of the Zone Cadre and Assistant Rotary Coordinators by March 15, 2014.

Project: Training Development


1. Steering Committee Develops a Beta Test Model and competes seminar
2. Complete training with Zone Training Cadre Members
3. Completes the overall planning for implementation

Goal 3:

We will schedule training for each District whose Coach/Facilitators will attend a session designed to train them to complete the Vision To Action Plan Seminar at the club level, administered by the district committee for planning no later than June 30, 2014.

Project A: Scheduling the Program with All Districts


1. Zone Cadre members will be asked to contact districts to promote and schedule the Business Planning concept to the districts during the 2014-2015 Rotary year.
Project B: Continuing Promotion of the Program to All Districts


1. Present at GETS, GNATS and DG Seminar
2. Present the Business Planning Concept at both Institutes
3. Offer Training resources to the districts Visioning or Planning Committee