Johrita Solari

Rotary International
Vice President 2020-21

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Exciting times to be a member of our Rotary family.

These are significant and exciting times to be a member of our Rotary family.

President Holger said, “Rotary is not just a club you join but an invitation to endless opportunities.

Endless Opportunities…Let’s take advantage of the opportunities that have and will continue to present themselves as we live through and come out of this pandemic. We can take advantage of what we are learning now and reinvent how we do the business of Rotary.

All over the world, the Family of Rotary is adapting the way we connect and serve. We are disrupting what people think about Rotary.

All of us are living the strength of Rotary’s Action Plan objectives –

Increasing our Ability to Adapt, Increasing our Impact, Enhancing Participant Engagement, and Expanding Our Reach.

US President, John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of Life. And those who look, only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Anyone who’s taken part in Rotary knows that our organization is so much more than a collection of clubs.

It’s a force that puts us in touch with millions of others who share our belief in making the world a better place. It connects us with new ways to make a difference and new networks of people with whom to make that difference.

It will take strong leaders to be able to ride this giant wave of change.

Know this, no challenge is insurmountable in Rotary / In our clubs. It is the challenges that make us who we are. Our service through Rotary makes us better people.

Our theme this year – Rotary Opens Opportunities – is real and perfect for these times!

Johrita Solari
Rotary International Vice President 2020-21