As your director, I am in a unique position to meet Rotarians from all over the Big West.  It has been wonderful to see how similar and yet how different the Rotarians in our paired zones are and how we are all Growing Rotary in our own ways. I am curious to know what Grow Rotary means to you.

We were in Colorado for DG David and Cathy’s excellent district conference. Okay, District 5470 is at 8,000 feet, and I did have to have an oxygen boost to breathe!  But what fun we had participating in a local sustainable project that recycles dogfood bags. You’ll have to get the inside scoop (pun intended) from DG David.

In West Texas (District 5370) we celebrated Our Foundation with DG Steve and Sandy Long and Rotarians who are involved with Growing Rotary by working in their local communities and with their global grants.  Who knew Midland, Texas, produces 25% of North America’s oil, wind energy, and cotton? I gotta say the tour on an active oil rig with Rotarians was a once in a lifetime adventure, even if I am from California.

Bruce and I also had the special treat of celebrating Our Foundation with members of our own District 5320 and Governor Marc and Sam Aarons aboard the Queen Mary. It was wonderful to see the number of Rotary clubs being recognized as a being a 100% Paul Harris Club or Every Rotarian Every Year Club. The meaningful projects completed locally and internationally were highlighted–clubs supporting dental clinics, clean water, adopting neighborhoods, and celebrating Veterans and First Responders, just to name a few.

The world needs more of this purposeful cooperation in being of service to others. Remember that our zones interactive map can connect you with other district governors via email and show you their districts’ websites and Facebook pages. Take a look, hover over Select a District and make your choice. It is a great way to take a quick look at any of our thirty districts’ activities. In this time of worldwide divisiveness, Rotarians of all beliefs are working together and having fun in the process.

I want to hear from you – whatever it may be. You are invited to assist in defining the use of this space for our two way communications. Email me.

Let’s continue to Grow Rotary together in the Big West!

Thank you,


“TOGETHER we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the globe in our communities and in ourselves.”

PS: I recently came across this quotation from our founder, Paul Harris, written in 1940. How applicable it is today!

“…Rotary stands; though the tempests rage about – Rotary still stands. Why and how? Because it is grounded not on fear, rivalry and suspicion, but on the eternal and indestructible rocks of friendliness, tolerance, and usefulness.”

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