What is the District Resource Leaders (DRL) Program?

The District Resource Leader’s Program (DRL) goal is to improve the quality and impact of district leaders so that they are better able to help Rotary clubs. DRL’s are invited based on their area of responsibility.

The DRL program is designed to:

  1. Give the current information in the attendees’ area of responsibility;
  2. Connect them with their peers to share best practices, contacts and innovative thinking;
  3. Provide them with information and valuable tools to engage the leaders in your clubs.

Unique programming is offered to the DRL team. They will engage RI Senior leaders, discuss and explore current topics, and participate in the Institute, which includes outstanding speakers and programming.

“It was great to sit with my counterparts from other districts. The big takeaway was, and still is, there is no silver bullet. It’s a little bit of a whole bunch of things.”

2015 Institute DRLs District Vocational Chairs

For the first time, the District Vocational Chairs are invited to participate in the DRL program.

It is an opportunity to transform the definition and impact of vocational service in our clubs.

Vocational Service has evolved into a program that almost exclusively focuses on mentorship and ethics. While both of these programs are good, the original purpose of Vocational Service has been lost. The Institute will renew our focus on how Vocational service can enhance the vocational development of our members as an added value of being a Rotarian.

The program will focus on how clubs can bring members professional expertise to bear on club projects and how members can gain more value and professional development through Rotary that can apply to their businesses, professions and life.

Selection criterion:

  1. Either the 2015-16 or 2016-17 District Vocational Chair.
  2. The Vocational Service Chair from the largest club in a District.

2015 Institute DRLs District Membership Chairs

Rotary’s highest operational priority is membership. Over the past three years, Rotary, and in particularly Zones 25 & 26 has spent considerable resources, sharpening our focus, resources, tools, thinking and education to reverse our long term membership decline.

The 2015 Institute’s Theme, “Connecting For Good”, will primarily focus on the effect of Rotary on our members.

The Institute program is being specifically crafted to answer the questions – “Why Rotary?” Why does our organization exist, and why should anyone want to be a part of Rotary?” Attendees, particularly district membership chairs will leave with new insights, information and messaging regarding Rotary’s unique benefits.

Selection criterion:

  1. 2015-16 or 2016-17 Membership Chair.
  2. District membership leaders who have not attended an Institute as a membership chair.
  3. PDG or DGN

A prior DRL participant said: “My DRL experience gave me insight into the “bigger picture” of my position as District Membership Chair. More importantly, the interaction with other DRLs, SIGs and current district leadership was valuable.”

 Click Here for a printable brochure with more information on the DRL Program.