The Rotary Focus Group Program was initiated by incoming Rotary International Director Ken Boyd in early 2010 after completing a comprehensive survey of the Past District Governors in Zones 25 and 26 as a way of drawing on their collective leadership.

These survey results were tabulated, interests rated and then divided into 19 Focus Group areas:

• Planning for a Better Rotary • New Ideas to Reach the Hearts of Rotarians • Rotary’s Strategic Plan
• Keeping Rotary Relevant • Exciting District Conferences • The Rotary Foundation & the Future Vision Plan
• Cultural Diversity in Rotary Membership • Building Stronger Clubs • What’s Next After Polio
• New Member Sponsors • Better District Assemblies • Peace Conferences
• Next Generations • Examining Our Education Curriculum • Protocol and Ethics
• Age in Rotary Membership • Public Relations • Technology, Networking and E-clubs
• Member Retention

Each Focus Group was asked to discuss, review and report on their topics as to how Clubs, Districts and Rotary International can best achieve progress within those areas. The ultimate task of each of Group is to recommend how, by whom and when those results may be achieved.

At our Zone Institute in Palm Springs several Focus Groups will present reports and engage participants in a discussion concerning some of these topics. The results will become part of the formal findings of the Zone Institute. Some of the Focus Groups will continue with their discussion and reporting process and may be available for a further presentation at the next Zone Institute; as will those Groups who do not present at the Zone Institute in Palm Springs

Well over 100 Past District Governors from 25 different Districts in Zones 25-26 are working in one or more of the Groups; which are composed of eight to twenty members each.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael P. Merrill
Past District Governor
District 5130 (1999-2000)
Focus Group General Chair