2021 Governor Elect Training Seminar Schedule
2021 Governor Nominee Training Seminar Schedule

The intent of the Zone 26/27 Governors Education and Training Program is to provide preeminent training in terms of teaching the ‘how to’ related to the Governor’s year of service. Our objective is to prepare Rotary leaders for their responsibilities and service as officers of Rotary International. The educational system provides fundamental R.I. mandated training combined with elements unique to Zones 26 and 27.

The program commences with the training of District Governors Nominee (DGN) at the Governor Nominee Training Seminar (GNTS); continues through training as a District Governor Elect (DGE) at the Governor-Elect Training Seminar (GETS); through to the capstone of their training at the International Assembly; and ends with providing continuing education during the Governor’s year in the Governor’s Seminar.

Governors’ partners are an integral part of the educational process and are integrated into all three seminars as well as a separate Partners Program.

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