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Why Being Kind Is As Important As Ever by Arnold R. Grahl Your parents told you to be nice to people. Guess what? They were right. Here’s why. Doing good doesn’t only benefit other people. It helps us, too. Studies show that helping others boosts serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel satisfied. Another benefit […]

5 Ways to Celebrate a Quarantine Birthday

Between canceled vacation plans to postpone events to practicing safe social distancing, it’s hard to see the light under this pandemic tunnel. As a result, people are less motivated, and morale is low. One way to get everyone rallied up and celebrate someone special is to make their quarantine birthday one they’ll never forget. Here […]

Zoom Best Practices: 42 Engaging Themes for Meetings, Socials and Parties, and Other Virtual Events

Looking to spice up your next meeting? Or hosting a virtual event that needs more engagement? Consider adding a theme to your next Zoom event and encourage participants to dress up. Throw in a gift card or cash prize to make it even more worthwhile. Here’s a list of engaging themes for your next Zoom […]

Ideation Series: How to Successfully Implement New Ideas When Everyone is a Volunteer

Implementing new ideas at work can be stressful with mixed results. For volunteers in a non-profit setting, the hurdles can be even steeper. “We’ve always done it this way, and the last time we tried something new, it just didn’t work out.” The longer people are accustomed to doing something, the stronger their resistance to […]

Zoom Best Practices: Knowing When Not to Host a Zoom Meeting

Have you sat in a Zoom Meeting that you thought was not necessary? Zoom Meeting fatigue can be both physically and mentally draining for your fellow Rotarians. Before hosting a Zoom Meeting, consider these factors to help determine whether or not it is necessary. Can it be conveyed in an email? If the answer was […]