There are many reasons to start a new Rotary club. Potential qualified members in a community may not be able to attend an existing Rotary club meeting because the meeting time does not fit their schedules. Alternatively, an existing Rotary club may not be able to accommodate growth due to limitations in meeting facility space. There could also be circumstances calling for a club that conducts its meetings in a different language. All of these scenarios and many more, may suggest there is a need for a new club.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Rotary District Planning – a web-based tool to identify underserved areas in local communities.

Consider these strategic approaches to new members

    1. Attraction – bringing new people to existing clubs
    2. Extension
    – Chartering a new Rotary Club – Breakfast, lunch, evening or E-Club?
  • Occupational Clubs such as Military Clubs?
  • Young Professionals or New Generations Clubs?
    – Starting a Satellite Club


Starting a Rotary Club

Starting a Satellite Club

Starting a Military Club

Starting an E-Club

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Larry Sundram

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