The Governors Nominee Training Seminar is intended to help Governors Nominee learn

about the District, observe current practices, and prepare for their term of service.  District Governors Nominee are selected to serve as District Governor 12 to 24 months before taking office. During this period, Governors Nominee should learn about their District and its clubs and begin to work closely with their District leaders to support effective clubs.  You have already participated in training in your District.  This is the next step.  You can prepare for a productive and successful term as governor by learning about your responsibilities.    Among the topics that will be covered during these sessions are financial management, goal development, team building and planning ahead for your District conference.

Your Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar begins Monday November 10, 2014.  Registration is the day before from 3.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M.  Watch this page for the highlights of what to expect for the week of November 10, 2014, coming soon!

Your dedicated team of instructors and speakers has been working very hard for many months to make this an informative and fun filled experience for you.  The seminar is packed with practical exercises and ideas to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and motivation for your future role as District Governor.

The Governor Nominee Advance Training Seminar is also an opportunity for you and your partner (when applicable) to form lasting relationships with your classmates in Zones 25 and 26.  You are on an exciting journey.  Congratulations and best wishes!