Steve Lingenbrink

Membership Advisory Chair
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Laura Day

Ignite Chair
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What is Ignite?

Membership Development and Retention Program

Assess your Club’s readiness for growth, Attract new members and better Engage the members in your Club and in Rotary with IGNITE. IGNITE is a membership development program designed to be Fun, Build Team Work, Keep Score and Reward and Recognize Top Performance. We invite you and your Club to join the many believers who have proven that IGNITE works. The IGNITE program was developed to help inform and welcome members to your Rotary club based on the belief that all Rotarians benefit from understanding the basic tenants of Rotary, as well as knowing more about their Club.  We hope this will supplement and assist with your new member engagement efforts. Send any suggestions you may have to Steve Lingenbrink and Laura Day. We want to know how these programs are working for you.