Rotary’s Front Door

How does the Rotary sign at the entrance to your community look? 

Or your Club Rotary sign on the local park? 

Or the sign that shows where your Rotary Club meets?

rusted-rotary-signThese signs are Rotary’s front door.  They are often the first impression and can create a lasting impression of Rotary to the public. 

 What does it say to potential members or partners when the sign is worn, rusted, old fashioned?  How does it build pride within your own members?  If it looks old and tired, you can expect that this is the image of Rotary to those who don’t know us yet.

New community signs using the Rotary Masterbrand are available in a variety of sizes and styles from licensed Rotary vendors such as

Russell Hampton:

Take the lead to be sure the signs in your community

show your pride in Rotary!

You may need to go through a few steps in order to replace that existing sign.

  • Consider if there are multiple Rotary Clubs in your community to be involved in the new signage.
  • Find out which governmental agency has the final say about size and other specifics of the sign.
  • Clarify how the old sign can be removed and the new sign installed. Every community is a little different.
  • If there are a number of service clubs signs posted in the same spot, and owned by the city (or other agency), you may need to take the lead in working with the other organizations and the city to update the entire installation.


Please share the results of your work in updating these community signs by sending your stories and pictures to Zone 25/26 RPIC Team.