A “Skills-based” Public Image Committee is a great way to assist you and your Club in establishing your Rotary Brand–creating awareness of what Rotary and your Rotary Club are, what you do, and why it matters.

Whether you are a small, medium or large Club will determine how large your Committee will be, and you can prioritize your Public Image efforts based on your Club and community.

Remember that your Rotary brand is part of everything you do!  Your public image work is important not only to bring your message to those outside your Club, but is also vitally important in building pride and modeling consistent messaging for your internal audience—your Club members.

Consider an inventory of your own Club member’s professions, skills, interests and talents. You may have a wealth of resources and skills within your own Club.  Discover what you have in your own membership, and don’t limit yourself to member’s professions. Many times our Club members love to be involved in areas outside their professions with hobbies and interests, and may want to get involved to build their own skills.  Based on your own Club, you might conduct this inventory by reviewing the classification data on your members, by using a survey, or simply by talking to your Club members.

Skills/knowledge/interests you are looking for:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Media connections and relationships

Your goal is to build a creative and committed team to take your Club to the next level.

Some specific outcomes to think about when you are building the team:

Club Communications:  creating or producing a Club Newsletter or other communications to inform and inspire your Club members with consistent use of your Club logo and the Rotary Voice communicate about your Club and Rotary to your internal audience, your Club members.

Club Brochure or flyer to share with potential members, donors and the public to inform about your Rotary Club and Rotary to your external audience.  Also consider Club business cards to invite prospective members to your meetings or other events.

Social Media to engage your own Club Members, and to publicize the activities of Club to an external audience.  This may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media relevant to your audiences.

Website—your digital presence really is your face to the world, and is a powerful tool to engage your own members.  A website can complement your social media activities, and also provide the information prospective members are seeking before visiting your Club.

Promotions—how do you invite the public to participate in your fundraisers and to know how your Club impacts your Community?  Might this include social media as well as some other media to get the word out?  How does this impact your other efforts to attract members and partners in your Rotary work?

Public Relations—getting your Club covered in the local news and other public media in a way increase the number of people who know what Rotary is, and how your Club has made a difference in the local community and beyond.  Along with this is our public face for road signs, welcome signs and other ways that we create awareness with an external audience.

The first step is to attract members of your Club and ask for their participation in developing ways to help your Club improve and enhance its public image efforts.  Really, everyone in your Club is part of the Public Image effort, because it is part of everything we do!  And you can see that there is a lot of advantage to be gained by coordinating with your Club’s membership, community service, fundraising and other committees.

How do you fill in the blanks?  Consider targeting new members who may fill one or more of the missing areas (sounds like a classification survey, doesn’t it?) or reach out for assistance from your District Public Image Committee or other sources of support for your Club.

We will help you with ideas and steps with the Rotary Brand Playbook, along with resources to assist you and your committee in achieving your goals.