One of the most significant trends in consumer engagement over the last three years is the rise of social media marketing. Social media is moving beyond contacts and interactions to a culture of community and collaboration for the most engaged and customer-centric organisations.

More than 23 percent of consumers from the age of 18-32 prefer social media when learning about organisations. They are interacting online with peers over sponsored communities and over the public cloud via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Approximately 83 percent of consumers tell their friends if they like a service or product, demonstrating that the demand for advice from fellow consumers is present and strong enough for consumers to act to enable this type of advice.

Social media is more than an interaction it is a culture. Social media is a philosophical belief that more people working together is better than one person working alone.

Follow these five steps to establish a customer engagement strategy:

  1. Monitor: Monitor the conversations unfolding on Twitter & Facebook. Take advantage of the opportunities to respond and provide the Rotary brand experience to people in your network.
  2. Post Consistently: Start with Facebook and post photos and video of every meeting with a description of the fun had at that meeting. After that begins to be successful begin posting about projects and beneficiaries, which will provide a well rounded story of your club’s Rotary brand experience.
  3. Respond to every Comment: To get engagement you have to engage. Respond to every comment, people love to have their questions answered.
  4. Have members Share: Members should be encouraged to share NOT just like the club’s posts. This will increase the number of likes/followers your page gets over time because more people will see your club’s posts.
  5. Involve all of your members!