What is the Emerging Rotary Leaders (ERL) Program?

The Emerging Rotary Leaders (formerly SIG) program is designed to:

  1. Expose the District’s emerging leadership to a wider range of thinking, resources and communication, and
  2. Connect them with other emerging leaders.

Unique programming is offered to the ERL attendees. They will engage RI Senior leadership, discuss and explore current topics, and participate in the Institute, which includes outstanding speakers and innovative Rotary thinking.

“The biggest value of ’this program was that it opened our eyes to the wider world of Rotary.”

The ERL (formerly SIG) program helped Rotarians focus their passion—even though they decided the District governor path was not for them.

“It helped me better understand that I had something to offer Rotary. I was energized by the Institute and quickly became more involved in leadership roles upon my return”

The ERL program has connected participants for the good of Rotary.

“I found my experience to be a very motivational and inspiring experience. We were very favorably impressed with the quality of people we met there, many who are still friends.”

The ERL program is a way for Districts to identify and encourage future leaders in their district.

It works. It is a proven investment!

The Emerging Rotary Leaders program is an opportunity to develop the future leaders in Districts.

Districts need quality and qualified Governors, but they also need skilled leadership in many other capacities—Assistant Governor, Rotary Foundation leaders or District Conference chairs. District leadership benefits by their attendance at an Institute.

The SIG Program Motivates Rotarians to Become Governors.

“The biggest ‘aha’ for me was the look behind the curtain. I came out of the experience knowing I would like to be a District Governor at some point.”

Since its inception, more than 50% of the Zones 25 & 26 Governors have been SIG participants.

Attendees return back to their Districts motivated and energized.

“It was a unique opportunity to experience a level of Rotary that we have heard about. It was even greater than I had been told.”

“Loved the ability to interact with the DG chain and RI Directors and be treated as equals.”

Who Is Eligible to be an ERL?

Individuals who:

  1. Have shown the ability to lead the Rotary but may not have been approached or previously shown an interest (e.g., a Past President from a district’s largest club.)
  2. Have shown leadership skills, are qualified to become District Governor and open to exploring the possibilities.
  3. Served the district as an AG, an active member of a substantial committee, a former District Trainer or in a committee chair capacity.
  4. Have not already been selected to serve as a Governor, other than a DGND chosen within 2 months of the Institute.
  5. Have not previously attended as a SIG.

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