August is Membership Month

If you’re a leader of your Club or District, you’re probably wondering, will my Club or District grow this year?  As you likely know, membership numbers in our international organization have remained static in recent years.  There are key points to consider, but one thing we know to be true for every level within our organization –  with an action plan in hand, we’re likelier to see improved results.

President Shekhar Mehta is asking every Rotarian to bring a new member into Rotary – Each One Bring One.   Does your Club of District have a plan to embrace this mantra?

Here are a few ideas to capitalize on this simple plan and keep prospective invitations top of mind:

  • Encourage every member to “bring one” to your next service project.   Ask members to identify one person during your meeting that would likely align with the purpose of the project and ask them to send an invitation.  Make it fun and publicly recognize members that invited a guest.
  • Organize a professional development workshop using Rotary’s Professional Development Series as a resource, and encourage every member to “bring one” to the workshop.  Publicly recognize members that invited a guest.
  • Host a Family of Rotary event that is family friendly and emphasizes one of the seven areas of focus.  Ask members to identify other families during your meeting that may resonate with the theme and “bring one”.  Publicly recognize members that invited a guest.
  • Add the hashtag #eachonebringone to your Club and District communications.
  • Weekly recognize members that “bring one” at your meeting with a fun trinket or pin that is special for your club.

Perhaps you noticed a recurring recommendation above?  Publicly recognizing successes will encourage more of that behavior.  As a Club or District leader, set the stage for focusing on what’s important, and then be certain to regularly recognize and reward.

Each One Bring One seems simple, but like all good things – it takes a specific focus with a consistent message.  Let’s kick-off an annual campaign that will help us stay focused on the importance of meaningful engagement and attraction.

Are you interested in more ideas to take action?  Contact us at

Each One Bring One