About the Institute

Each year, the Director of Zones 26 & 27 convenes a Rotary Institute which brings together members and guests from throughout the western United States and Canada. The Institute features:

  • Interactive, peer-based discussion and learning sessions.
  • Inspirational speakers and presentations.
  • Special program for Emerging Rotary Leaders from all 30 Districts in the Zones.
  • Service activities.
  • Networking and fun!

The Institute celebrates the graduation of the District Governors Elect from their week-long training course that helps prepare them to lead their Districts the following year.

History of the Institute

In years past, the Zones 26 & 27 Rotary Institute was attended by past district governors exclusively as an opportunity to re-connect with governor classmates and be updated on recent developments in Rotary and the Zones.

In the early 2000’s, Special Invited Guests (SIGs) were invited to the Institute to experience Rotary beyond their districts and clubs. SIGs were potential district leaders who had not yet served as district governors. The SIG program gradually expanded into the DRL (District Resource Leaders) and ERL (Emerging Rotary Leaders) programs, allowing even more members to attend Institute.

In 2019, the Institute was opened up to any Rotarian or Rotaractor who wanted to attend. This opened the door for greater training opportunities, as well as exposing even more potential leaders to the wider world of Rotary.

2024 Rotary Institute

Spokane, Washington

September 11 – 14, 2024

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