Rotary Zones 26 & 27, the Big West, has launched a collaboration with JustServe, a premier
online platform, to bring opportunities for community service to more volunteers.

JustServe can be a valuable tool for clubs and districts in several ways:
1) To share club or district service projects to invite participation from community
2) To find service projects for club members to participate in the community.
3) Create an easy way for clubs and members to work together on service projects

Please explore the JustServe website at www.justserve.org and the links below to see samples
of pages that have been established for Rotary International, Utah Rotary, and United Way of
Frederick County.
Please note that JustServe is not to be used for direct cash solicitation, proselytizing, political or
social advocacy. See Guidelines on the JustServe website

Creating an Organization Page

The first step to participate and post your club or district projects is to create an organization

The information you will need to create the Organization Page Information:
• Logo Image: 500px wide X 500px high
• Background Image: 1024px wide X 340px high
• Description of Organization
• Address
• Contact Name
• Contact Phone
• Contact Email
• Website URL
• Social Media Channels
• Announcement

Connecting with a JustServe Specialist

After compiling the necessary information, a JustServe Specialist will assist you in setting up your organization page.

To connect with a specialist, please contact Layne Daybell from
JustServe at Layne@justserve.org

Best Practices for Working with Community Volunteers

Welcoming Volunteers: Inviting participants from outside our club or district to join our service projects may be something new for us. Ensure that you have a person who will welcome and orient community volunteers to your projects

Follow up with volunteers: How will you thank community volunteers for their help, and let them know about further opportunities to serve if they are interested? Have a plan to connect with volunteers after your project.

Meaningful Service Assignments: Plan ahead to place community volunteers to accomplish the work of the project in a safe and meaningful way, working alongside Rotary members.

Insurance Information

Volunteers are covered as insureds under the Rotary U.S. Club & District Liability Insurance Program (Program) for acts/duties on behalf of the club or district. Generally speaking, the
Program covers claims for bodily injury or property damage arising out of acts or omissions of volunteers.

While JustServe will help to recruit volunteers, clubs will still need to properly screen and train new volunteers identified through JustServe.

We recommend that volunteers sign waivers that address volunteer expectations and the risks associated with a volunteer role. A sample waiver and other information about volunteers is included in the Loss Prevention Strategies posted on the Rotary insurance portal.

The Program does not include volunteer accident insurance or cyber coverage. Clubs/districts might consider obtaining an accident policy that would pay benefits for injury to a volunteer. Data breaches are excluded under the Program. For cyber insurance, contact a local insurance broker for information and coverage. Finally, clubs should only post images on JustServe with permission from the image owner.

Youth Protection
Rotary is committed to fostering environments that are safe and positive for young people and free from discrimination and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Please ensure appropriate youth protection policies and standards are in place before welcoming any youth participants to your service projects. Additional information may be found at the following link:

If you have additional questions about the JustServe program, please contact Past District
Governor Savita Vaidhyanathan at justserve@zone2627.org or Layne Daybell from JustServe at