Social Media

Social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are powerful ways for your Rotary district or club to engage new and existing audiences. Used correctly, social media channels allow you to develop and share your message much more effectively and directly than with traditional broadcast media. With social media, not only do you control the message being delivered, you also can engage followers in conversations about topics that are important to you.

Social Media 101

These videos show you how to get started developing a social media presence for your Rotary district or club.

How to Create a Facebook Page: Learn the difference between Facebook groups and Facebook pages, and how your club or district can set up and optimize a page to build a strong following using a few simple tools.

How to be a Community Manager: Once your club or district is on social media, how do your properly manage it? This video shows administrators of social media what to do and how to do it.

How to Create a Facebook Group: Learn how to setup, optimize and invite people to your Rotary club or district’s Facebook group.

Social Media 201

Ready to take the next step? These videos will help you to develop your club or district’s social media strategy, be more effective storytellers, and target specific audiences for each post.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy: Does your club or district have a strategy for using social media? This video provides some basic steps to help you begin the process of developing your strategy.

How to Post to Lists on Facebook: Using Facebook lists to create target audiences for your posts and communication. This video shows how you can separate your personal and professional life on Facebook using lists.

Extra Credit

Rotary International Senior Photographer Alyce Henson reviews her experience photographing the “Launch Detroit” and explains how you can effectively incorporate images to make your storytelling more effective.