Stephanie Velasco

Stephanie Velasco | General Secretary Big West Rotaract

Began in Rotary at Utah RYLA 2010. Is an award-winning Past Interact Club founder/President; 9 years as RYLA video/photo Chair; Midvalley Community Rotaract Club (founder, President/Rotaractor of the Year); Hawaii Youth Peace Ambassador; attended North American RYLA and several Zone Institutes. Served 5 District Governors; received a Paul Harris; first dual Rotaractor/Rotarian of Utah; past District 5420 Rotaract Representative; co-chair of Rotaract Pan-American conference and Positive Peace Activator for USA/Canada. Also, a Big West Rotaract Director 21-23; Big West Rotaract General Secretary 23-27; President for Rotary Club of Midvalley 23-24; Owner of Rotheca Photography and Design, and Operations Director for Scatterscape Photography.